Aged Care

Quad Services_Aged CareQuad is a significant provider to over 60 aged care facilities.

  • We understand the needs of cleaning in aged care environments and tailor a program to meet the needs of each site.
  • We understand the health needs and living requirements of aged-care residents occupying these premises and train our staff to work within this environment and demonstrate empathy with residents at all times.
  • Our Staff are trained to complete their duties without disrupting the day-to-day routines of aged-care residents and the staff who care for them.
  • Working alongside facility staff and residents Quad ensures our staff are well presented with good communication skills.
  • Our operational management and cleaners receive on-going technical training and monitoring in infection control, cross contamination, outbreak control, terminal cleaning and colour coding procedures.
  • All staff possess the required clearances to work in aged care facilities.
  • Our procedures, standards and documentation are all aligned to meeting ongoing Aged Care accreditation.