Health Services

Quad Services_health servicesQuad services health care sites throughout Australia including:

  • Hospitals
  • Day Care Surgeries
  • Dental Surgeries

Cleanliness is critical in healthcare with infection control a major patient safety issue and an increasing challenge for healthcare providers. Quad teams are healthcare cleaning experts with a reputation for providing high quality, efficient and cost effective cleaning services.

  • We aim to create a clean, safe environment to reduce the risk of infection, promote faster patient healing times and increase satisfaction levels amongst staff, patients and visitors at your facility. The Quad program for infection control is about the prevention and control of infections through safe work practices, protocols, hand hygiene and cleaning procedures. Quad’s procedures identify hazards and minimises the risk of infection.
  • We are committed to the continuous training of our cleaning to staff ensure that we consistently meet all health and safety standards, minimising your risk and ensuring compliance with all accreditation and legislative requirements.
  • We are committed to meeting the clinical requirements of high-risk infection sites, protecting patients and staff against exposure to infections.
  • We train our staff to work seamlessly with ward staff to clean operating theatres, hospital wards and clinics as well as high-traffic, non-medical areas such as administrative offices, kitchens, washrooms, car parks, grounds and garden maintenance and all public areas.
  • We ensure clear lines of communication both with the client and our staff to ensure full understanding of site requirements and immediate response to any health concern.